AVK Pricing: $220

Installed from: $125

Yamaha WX-030B MusicCast Speaker

2-way 30W Powered Speaker
MusicCast (Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Internet Radio)
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AirPlay
High Resolution Audio Support
Wall Mountable - 2 Year Warranty

- Dimensions (W x H x D): 

243 x 157 x 113 mm (3.25" main cone)
Weight: 2.2 kg

A4155 • Amplifier 'Post-Amp'

Stereo 2x150W

Output Power 8Ω: 2x150W RMS
Output Power 4Ω: 2x220W RMS
Frequency Response: 10Hz - 50KHz -1.5db
- 2 Year Warranty

- Dimensions (W x D x H): 482x314x88  mm 
Weight: 11 kg

YAMAHA & WD in your HOME AV System...




$125 installed


65" Wall mounted LED Display: 

(priced below with new GPO & install)

  • ​​Changhong LED65D2900** 65" FHD LED TV - RRP: $1,499
  • HDMI 5M Run to wall plate - RRP: $199
  • 15M Run to new GPO - RRP: $329
  • Wall Mounting Bracket and Labour to install - RRP: $485


'Don't be silly, you need a DLNA NAS &/or a NUC PC...'

Yamaha: RX-V2083B 3-Zone AV-AMP RRP: $2,299 + 3x sets of;

'Yamaha NS-IC800 In-Ceiling Speakers (Supplied as a pair = 2x Speakers)

- RRP: $549' speaker sets - PACKAGE COST UNDER $3200

​(Install from $660)

AV Extenders

65" Our last quoted  project 

for the above RRP total of $2,512

 was JUST $1,980+gst

Installed & commissioned 

MS Home Media Keyboard

(priced below with AVK install)

  • ​​Microsoft Wireless All in One Media Keyboard [PN N9Z-00028]
    ONLY $125 (Install GO Pricing from: $75) 


Installed from: $275

Invite AV King to your place, we can then offer you the best advice on how to set up 2-Zone~9-Zone Yamaha MusicCast hardware and app control systems in your home - THE COST IS LOWER THAN YOU MAY THINK!!! - Call Us today: 07 3170 3706

Our licensed electrician AV installer can move your existing GPOs and add new power and data points as required  - we are a ONE STOP SHOP!!!

AVK Pricing: $650

 Service report sent to client after completed works:

Hi ...,

I hope everything meets or exceeds your expectations.
I was thinking more about your iMac and how the 'Air-Play' casting can work, as I was telling you, you need 'Zone-1' to be the main 'Air-Play' end-point when sending directly to the AMP (then link other zones to zone-1), but, if you do add a NUC PC later, you can then get a cheap app ($15) for win10, to run on the NUC PC, to make it an 'Air-Play end-point', and then this can be HDMI-2(AV-2), to 'pipe' this directly to any zone via the Yamaha zone control app(MusicCast-app) on your phones/iPad.

Naming of your Zones:
Zone-1 = Theatre 
Zone-2 = Lounge
Zone-3 = Patio

Naming of your AMP (Yamaha RX-V2083B 9.2ch Home Theatre AV Receiver):

[details specific to this job]

Here is the page we have on the NUC (Micro) PC that I was showing you today;

(Note; the above page has 'GO Pricing' - this is for any on-site works that total $800+, so, if you wanted to get the NUC PC, then, you could add any 'Go Pricing' items to that order, if we are also installing and commissioning the system)

Let me know if you need any more info, or want to add any extra features to your home?

FYI: We also offer full home automation systems (from $6600+) and we can support & install products to allow much cheaper options (Like Alexa and Google Home) to control lights and other 'basic' home automation functions.

Thanks again,

Solutions Manager
AV Pro Education
[AVP Education, a division of: THE AV KING - ABN: 92 441 254 105]
GITC: Q-6463 / QAssure number: 16810
 - Ph: 07 3170 3706 - 

P.S. I was also thinking, if you want to add 'Zone-4' in your bedroom, the below (WX-030B) is on sale for just $300 this month, and we can install it to a wall (adding data and power if you need) - depending on what you want in the install, this would be $200~$400 approx in cost;

the above can then be added as 'zone-4' and you can pipe any content from the main amp to it via the app also (I did also just call the QLD Yamaha rep, and he said that the only apps for the Yamaha zone control are for IOS & Android - not MAC-OS or Win-OS, just to answer that question for you also).

Yamaha RX-V483B 5.1ch Home

Theatre AV Receiver

5 x 80W Discrete Power
Built-in MusicCast - Bluetooth / Wi-Fi / AirPlay
AM / FM Tuner - Front USB Port
Zone B Speakers (Main Room Becomes 3.1ch)
- Dimensions (W x H x D): 435x161x327mm 

Weight: 8 kg

RX-V1083B  - Dimensions (W x H x D): 

435 x 182 x 439mm - Weight: 14 kg

RX-V2083B / RX-V3083B: 435 x 192 x 474mm - 17kg/18kg

MAIN COMMS - Located in ZONE-1:

For September and October 2017  -  AVK is offering the above package for just $3,250incl gst (shipping fee from $90~$180-approx, call 07 3170 3706 for shipping quote or install quotes.

Above WD NAS as 3TB, RRP-AU: $329

AVK Pricing: UNDER $300!

^^Use MusicCast app, via BlueTooth only

NUC PC - 8GB Ram / 250GB SSD 

(priced below with OS install)

  • ​​NUC PC (8GB/250GB) - ONLY $680 (Install GO Pricing from: $650) 
  • OR: NUC PC (4GB/120GB) - ONLY: $475
    (N3050-CPU, add Win10 lic - from $50+^)

Yamaha NX-N500 90W Wireless Studio Monitor MusicCast Speaker set


5" 2-way Bi-amp Powered Studio Monitor Speakers
54Hz - 40kHz Frequency Response
High Performance ESS 32-bit DACs
High Grade USB DAC
MusicCast (Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Internet Radio)
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AirPlay
High Resolution Audio Support
Inputs: 1 x USB / 1 x Audio / 1 x Optical
2 Year Warranty

Power Consumption 45 W + 45 W

- Weight:  (Right speaker) 5.7kg

(Left speaker) 6.2kg

Dimensions (W x H x D):

(Right speaker) 170 x 285 x 222 mm

(Left speaker) 170 x 285 x 238.6mm

Price comparison - as of 11.30am - 20/09/2017:

(from: https://www.binglee.com.au/yamaha-yht-9940-7ch-home-theatre-system)


AVK YAMAHA 'domestic - Brisbane' Project complete in Q4-2017:

Above 5.1 Speaker system has an RRP of $3,099

AVK Pricing: UNDER $2700!

AVK Pricing: $440

Below are some of our HOME AV install items:

Yamaha WX-030B MusicCast Speaker - Black

- RRP: $399 - AVK Pricing - UNDER: $320


Yamaha NX-N500 90W Wireless Studio Monitor MusicCast Speakers, DLNA

- RRP: $979 - AVK Pricing - UNDER: $850

Voltex MAINS Surge Protection

$475 installed

AVK Go pricing: $325

3.5" 4TB NAS(WD) From $350

Yamaha: RX-V1083B / RX-V2083B / RX-V3083B



USB Powered 2.5" Pocket Sized 4TB HDD

(priced below with AVK install)

  • ​​4TB WD 2.5" USB 3.0 My Passport Portable HDD Black
    ONLY $295 (Install GO Pricing from: $275) 

Yamaha PDX-B11 Wireless 'MusicCast'^^ Speaker

Bluetooth   (Maximum Communication Range : 10 m)
Speaker Unit: 10 cm (4”) main cone  & tweeter
Power Supply    AC or AA x 6 batteries

(Battery life: 8 hours as alkaline) - 2 Year Warranty

- Dimensions (W x H x D): 

210 x 237 x 240  mm
Weight: 1.5 kg