TAP-it 42" - 2017


This TAP-it 42" FHD system was custom designed for the UK Special Education sector.

The primary features that make this system unique are;

1. The 42" (1920x1080) touch-screen can be reached (corner to corner) from a child in a wheelchair.


LOW COST 42" P-Cap option (for special Ed)

Mobile Solutions from $445+gst


G-View direct EQ Offer

Attach: Intel from $425+gst

(with 4GB RAM, 120GB SSD - ready for EQ MOI) 

for Document

Camera info

G-View direct


2. The 4mm 'military grade glass' protects the screen from physical damage (as you may experience with autistic special needs)

​3. The selected 'Barney' purple colour has been proven by several studies; to have 'calming' effect on clients with many spectrum disorders.

4. 'Hold and trace' - as special needs clients may rest one hand on the screen while using the other hand to 'click and point' - this system has special adaptations to support 'hold and trace' - unlike most touch screens, you can hold your hand on the screen and trace around your fingers, and the screen will see this as intended (many screens will reject all 'points of touch' if a large object like a hand is held on the screen)


This system has an AUD RRP of $12,999 - AV Pro Education is looking for 4x 'showcase schools' to run a Brisbane case study on this system, participating schools will receive 15% off this system for their first unit.

Call us on 07 3170 3706 if you would lime more info - or, CLICK-HERE for the product PDF.

​​SINGLE UNIT EQ Cost $12,999+gst

Pricing for 2x $11,950+gst (each)

'Fleet Cost' (min 4x) - $11,650+gst

NOTE: We can 'spray paint - dual-pac' this stand to 'purple' for $680+gst

[as 8GB Ram & 240GB SSD $640+gst]

above are 'N3050 CPU' - i3/i5/i7 +$170/$270/$470

The above pic was taken at the INTEGTRATE AV Conference in Melbourne (VIC, Australia) on 29/08/2017

1x ELO 42" P-Cap 1920x1080 4mm glass touch-screen - RRP: $3,899

1x 'Up/Down/Flat' mobile stand **BLACK** - RRP: $2,099

1x Set-up on-site and 2HR demo/training session - RR: $799

Package Offer (EQ Special Ed pricing only): $5,750+gst

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Large 65"


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​FROM $3900+gst

'Barney' Touch Solutions for Special Ed.

with 3~5-YEAR^ Education Warranty

(for Sale & Installation in to SE-QLD Schools only)

3-YEAr warranty