75" G-View GV75T-5YRE

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Many Gov. departments

SE-QLD State Schools
EQ State High Schools

Early Learning Centres
Private & Catholic Schools
& THOUSANDS of SME Businesses


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LED TouchScreens - Sales & Installation 

G-View - Leading the future of

interactive learning technology

LED Displays 'Info Centre'; Our consultants have identified the below as the main 'FIVE Key Reasons' that schools have stated are the main reasons that they replaced their old projectors with new LED touch screens (with 5-year warranty).

-ONE: 'Green' - with the LOW Energy consumption of LED TouchScreens, the school is saving cost and saving the environment.

-TWO: 'Long Service Life' - with an average expected life of OVER 40,000HRs use, at 12HRs per day, 5-days per week and 44 'school' weeks in a year, you may get over 15-YEARS (Life)use from these systems --- Saving cost and improving operational efficiency. (12*5*44*15=39,600)

-THREE: 'Multi Finger Touch' - the gain in functionality from allowing kids to write on one side of the screen, while the teacher used the other (10-point touch) increases the application of this teaching tool dramatically compared to older 'pen only' touch systems.

-FOUR: 'Use in any room with sun-light' - Teachers love to be able to leave all of the lights on & not have any interference from sun-light or other environmental conditions - LED TouchScreens are clear to all in any room!

FIVE: 'No lamps or cleaning' - Many teachers and managers are pleased that no; filters, lamps, cleaning or maintenance of ANY kinds is required with LED TouchScreens​​.

Benq 65" - RP654K

- from $3950+gst


3-year warranty

5yr optional +$550

Hitachi 65" - CLICK-HERE

Our 'Sales and Installation offers' on ALL G-View branded LED ToushScreens include:

'5HR In-School + Video-Content' user training with a focus on 'real world' application in Education for the best use of included software and a 'how to use' section to cover all of the advanced features like 'Air/Mirror-Cast' etc.


All installs are fully project managed to ensure smooth and hassle free delivery of goods and commissioning of services.

65" G-View GV65T-5YRE

Fleet Pricing for EQ Schools, saving 20%+

5-year Warranty - On-Site in SE-QLD

Airplay (Apple TV 'receiver'*) + Win-cast

OPS or NUC PC optional, from: $425+gst


All 2017/2018 G-View series


NOW INCLUDED: 'Air-Pay* Receiver & 'MirrorCast**' + Win7/8/10 'Direct WiFi Screen Casting' end point functions - embedded - with no need to purchase ScreenBeam or AppleTV hardware^ for casting!!!

(Need to add */**/^ info and TM etc)

Like what you see?

Then, let our expert consultants book-in

a free in-school meeting and ASSESSMENT of your needs


Maintenance + training and support are also our key passions, in our aim to be your 1st point of contact for any and all AV requirements!

Education Display solutions - an ever evolving experience...

AVP Education was born from the needs of the QLD Education sector; G-View, BenQ & Hitachi are our preferred brands of LED TouchScreens for Education installation - however we pride ourselves on our dynamic ability to build new relationships with distributors, this allows us to deliver the best value hardware in ANY brand.


86" 4K



OPS option from 


The brands that we carry that can include

a 5-year warranty are:
a) G-View - 5-year education warranty included on ALL '5YRE' series led touch screens.
b) BenQ - ONLY 3-years warranty 'out of the box' - but an extra 2-years 'add-on' warranty 
(to make it 5-years total) is available 
from under $600 EXTRA!!! (depending 
on model) 


We see a world where interactive collaboration is not a challenge, but simply a way of life - We have the experience and staff to support every stage of your education technology deployment.

History and GITC

The AV King was established in 2014 (our parent company), we have enjoyed a strong trading history in QLD & we are registered for GITC(Q-6463) & QAssure(16810) for your school's piece of mind.

Our directors can boast servicing over 480-schools in QLD and more than 75,000 customers in total (based on the total professional experience of the two main partners), this; combined with robust trading capital; our standing & reputation ensures you confidence in the fact that we will be here for the long run, to support your school; not just for the life of these products, but also with the new systems that replace them in 5 or 10-years time...

Ask us how we can help you

get more from G-Suite and get

all of your team 'JAMing' on collaborative

and engaging projects TODAY!!!


(3840x2160 res)

5-year Warranty

Air-play and Win-Cast/Touch