PTZ-Optics 20x ZOOM SDI Camera - connects directly to a HALL projector

Note-4:  The 2017/2018 WolfVision EYE-14 stock is also now in Australia, however, this model only has 2x 'more' zoom (the EYE-10 and EYE-12 BOTH have 12x Optical Zoom) - the EYE-14 has an AUD RRP of $7,699 and an EQ offer standing rate of UNDER $5,500+gst (Call 07 3170 3706 for this term's specials)

NOTE-5: Above dates are ALL based on 'SOH' and 'Last active install records' - they are not meant to reflecty DOM.

Logitech PTZ PRO 2
HD 1080p video camera with enhanced

pan/tilt and 10x zoom

Logitech® MeetUp ConferenceCam

RRP: $1879

Logitech® MeetUp ConferenceCam
(ConferenceCam system designed for conference rooms under 8M x 12M in size)

PACK - With:
Add-on microphone for huddle/meeting room flexibility



RRP: $769

RRP: $899

KIT Pricing!

PTZ Logitech camera systems and 'PTZ Optics' Pro camera solutions

with Education Warranty

HuddlePod Air is the ideal wireless speakerphone with an easy & reliable wireless connection.

Note-3:  NEW EYE-10/12 remote costs $285+gst or a EYE-10/12-trained-universal-remote costs $175+gst -- new EYE-10/12 PSU costs $110+gt

1-YEAr warranty



WolfVision EYE-10 - 12x Optical Zoom (PLUS Extra Digital Zoom) - Features;
* Basic Camera with Great Picture Quality - High end camera lens, Image sensor (CCD), Electronic hardware and Software (firmware).
* 1/3" Progressive Scan CCD with native XGA resolution (1024 x 768 pixels)
* The image can also be output scaled in 720p HD and WXGA 1280 x 800 (in the correct 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratio without deformations).
* Zoom Range Calculation
* Feature the following connectors: RGB, RS-232, Power, External IR-Receiver and Kensington Lock (anti-theft device).
* With the keypad on the unit and the supplied infrared remote control
* Equipped with T-Lock (Kensington® Lock) anti-theft devices.
* 1-year warranty

EQ Offer: $1,850+GST

RRP: 'over' $3,499

3-YEAr warranty

RRP: $3459 - EQ Fleet Pricing available (from under $2750ex as combo)

Wolf Vision EYE-10/12^ Live Image Ceiling Camera / ​DOCUMENT CAMERA

3-YEAr warranty

 HuddleCamHD GO

USB powered, all-in-one conferencing camera 

1-YEAr warranty

Note-2:  When refurbished stock (6-month warranty) of the EYE-10 is available, the cost is 'LESS -$600' = $1250+gst with remote (or $1150+gst no remote)

^Note: the above info & pricing is for the EYE-10 from 2013/2015 - the new 2016/2017 option is the EYE-12, however the cost of the EYE-12 is $4,799 - and the performance of the older and cheaper EYE-10 is almost identical for 'many' applications. - limited stock left of the EYE-10, please call 07 3170 3706 to confirm SOH.

RRP: $979

EQ: $845ex**

** EQ Pricing above is the typical amount to add to an AV room - i.e. this may include 'other items' to get the system working - wall mounts &/or leads.  Contact us for a quote