HDMI Lead to Front of below:

RIGHT: Shows HDMI over Cat6 - with IR

to make an 'in HALL' target for the DVD's remote

'1-in to 5-out' HDMI distribution kit: 

(priced below with install)

  • ​​1x A3140 • HDMI Over Ethernet UTP Balun Transmitter - RRP: $165
  • 5x A3141 • HDMI Over Ethernet UTP Balun Receivers - RRP: $150-each
  • 1x 5/8-Port Gigabit Easy Smart Switch - RRP: $80
  • 6x patch leads (or, Cat6 Runs from $80 each - 10M)
    TOTAL(from): $990+gst

Hall 'Wall' DVD System, with 3yr Commercial Warranty

[H: 4cm x W: 25.5cm x D:  21cm]

8-Port 10A Power Distribution Unit AU Approved -  LB-PDU10-8 - RRP: $135

'Wall Mounted' DVD with HDMI & 'Play from USB' kit: 

(priced below with install)

  • ​​1x Laser DVD Player - DVD-HD008 with 'Media from USB' - RRP: $65
  • 1x SET (Trans/Rec); A3217B • HDMI & Infra-Red Cat6 Extender UTP Balun - RRP: $285
  • 1x A3830A • HDMI Audio Extractor - RRP: $130
  • 2x EZI Box kits and Custom Wall Plate + (Install $480)
    TOTAL(from): $860+gst



HDMI 'in wall' to pull sound frmo BACK of wall plate

(^^8-port when 5-way)

2 Outlet Adapter with Overload Protection (017CS) - [SKU: PB2SUG]  - SELL: $AK+gst with leads, installed.

3 Core Power Cord with Mains Socket to IEC-C14 - 15cm - [SKU: RC-3083]  - SELL: $LK+gst.
​Power Cable from 3-Pin Piggy Back AU Male to 2 IEC C13 Female plug in 2m [SKU: RC-3087AU-020] - SELL: $LK+gst.
Power Cable Extension Piggy Back 3-Pin AU in 5m - SKU: RC-3088AU-050]  - SELL: $AK+gst.

Power Cable from 3-Pin AU Male to 2 IEC C13 Female plug in 3m - [SKU: RC-3085AU-030] - SELL: $LK+gst.

 - (RC-HDMIVGA-2 -- J5-JUA355) - 
TP-Link AV500 Powerline Adapter with AC Pass Through Starter Kit - SKU: TL-PA4010PKIT

  - SELL: $BSK+gst with leads, installed.
TP-LINK TL-SG105E - 5-Port Gigabit Easy Smart Switch - [SKU: TL-SG105E] - SELL: $BCK+gst with leads, installed.


A3830A • HDMI Audio Extractor - SELL: $BSK+gst with leads, installed.

[D003] Miracast Wireless HDMI Dongle for Google Android - SELL: $BLK+gst with leads, installed.