Notes from AV King (AV Pro Education - QLD):

We have re-posted the above article directly from one of our Projector and IFP distributors, we have only 'redacted' (replaced with '...') the sections that 'promote' a particular brand.

We are an AV integrator and we carry ALL brands of Projectors and IFP solutions for education, the 'redacted brand' above was BenQ, and this is one of the TOP FIVE brands that we also recommend for IFP installs.

The other 'best brands' are:

1. G-View (5-year warranty - 4K touch-screens with WiFi casting included - 'premium quality and value pricing for EQ')

2. InFocus (the same 3-year warranty that BenQ has, but, with much better pricing on the 75" size in 2018)

3. Hitachi (the same 3-year warranty that BenQ has, but, with better pricing on the 65" size in 2018, only as 1920x1080)

4. BenQ (3-year warranty 4K touch-screens with several WiFi options - 'premium price point')

5. Philips (3-year warranty 4K touch-screens with 'mid price and quality/features')

[1] The Australian EdTech Market Census 2017.
[2] Frost & Sullivan (2017) Australian Edutech Market—Key Trends, Technologies, and Opportunities 2016-2022.
[3] Corporate Flat Panel Market Analysis and Commentary. Futuresource.
[4] Source: Educators demanding Interactive Flat Panel Displays. Guy Monty (2016).
[5] Source: Future NSW classrooms to feature interactive technology, creature comforts. By state political reporter Sarah Gerathy. Nov 2015.

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Colin Messenger, senior analyst from Futuresource Consulting who helms the worldwide interactivity displays research programs, said “There are over 150,000 (2016) Interactive Displays in Australian schools, the penetration rate is high at 56% of classrooms having an interactive display. The first Interactive Whiteboards were installed in 2005 and growth accelerated quickly. The recent trend is for Interactive Flat Panels [IFP] and they have just started to replace some of the early Interactive Whiteboards.”(4)  This data reflect the growing opportunity for this market now and for the future.

The Growing Need for Smart Classrooms and Rising Satisfaction with Technologies
NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli said the way children learn was evolving as times changed. “You can't teach the same way using new technology, you've got to use that new technology and you've got to teach differently”. In 2015 The New South Wales Government has unveiled a glimpse of the classrooms of the future, where beanbags and touch screens will replace desks and whiteboards(5). This a growing trend that reflect the need of Interactive Flat Panel for education and the commitment of the Government to support this trend.

Coupling with the growing needs for smart classrooms, the key to success is catering a comprehensive line-up of interactive display solutions to schools. ...

So if you are working with Australian Education facilities you need to look at ... IFP. 

Why you need Interactive Flat Panels (IFP/IFPD) to succeed in Australia Education Market
From November 9, 2017 (sent to AV King 28/02/2018, and re-posted on this page/site)

The Australian EduTech market is a major business opportunity
According to Delloitte (1), the EduTech sector is booming with revenues already soaring over $1 billion per annum with a domestic market opportunity forecast to grow to $1.7 billion by 2022 (2). This represents a huge opportunity for those who understand and are able to sell the next wave of technology to this growing market. Interactive Flat Panels continued to be a considerable success in 2016 in the education and corporate markets with 68% of all interactive display sales in Q4 were being IFPDs (3).

Furthermore, Australian Education facilities are looking for these types of technologies to transform the way they operate. ...


5-YEAr warranty