Software and Settings for win10 EQ laptops used with interactive display systems (Epson and G-View)

Many teachers like to 'pin accessibility keyboard' to get a floating keyboard from a single click.

How to;

Start->Settings->Ease of Access

Keyboard(from left)->'Turn on the On-Screen Keyboard'

Then, right click it (in taskbar) and pin.

Many teachers use Apple iPad education apps in the classroom - there are several ways to extend the display and sound from an iPad on to the main classroom AV/Display (interactive of passive) system, however, at the time of posting this info (01/10/2017) - there is no way to make a 65"+ interactive display feed touch back in to an iPad.

RIGHT: Shows the 'floating tools' that you see in 'White-Boarding' mode.

Teachers that like to make a video of a lesson (based on what is on their screen) may like to use OBS - Free screen capture software, get this here;


RIGHT: Shows the 'floating tools' with the 'Mouse' selected, for 'non inking' use of the PC.

Teachers in schools with 'poor' internet connections and in remote locations may need to keep a local copy of 'internet video' content for educational display *NOTE: Please ensure you observe and obey applicable terms or use and copyrights BEFORE using ANY of the below services!

ABC iView downloader info page: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2656556
This site may work (we have not tested this, sites like this may contain viruses and other issues - please use at own risk): https://rg3.github.io/youtube-dl/index.html

SBS On-Demand downloader: Other teachers have used this in the past;

However, the above is now a 3rd party site, and may also contain viruses

YouTube downloader: www.winxdvd.com
The above has been tested by others in the past - but may also contain virus or other issues.
Netflix and others: Netflix will let you 'save' local content on devices such as iPads under your subscription, and the above 'OBS' software will allow you to 'screen record' from Netflix and any other source that you can display on your PC screen - however, your terms of use may prohibit this and also how you use any saved content - we recommend asking your school's IT team what they can support for you if any 'saving' of web-content is required in your school.

Below; Shows 'PC' selected, when you are NOT in 'White-Boarding' mode.

Many teachers like to have 'Quick-Launch' icons with 'Show Desktop' on the lower left of the screen.

How to add;


Need to use: 

%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

Using Word and Excel with interactive systems:

Many teachers like to have Epson interactive tools installed, as an alternative to the inking tools built in-to Word and Excel.

The main reason for this is: 'quick notes' on ANY screen (a web-site, a video, a pdf and anything on your screen)

The Epson tools are free for education use (no licence code or key required to install, and your local EQ admin rights will allow install with no ticket or request from the IT support team)

The Epson tools are also one of the best for 'White-Boarding' and using your laptop's in-built web-came for class activities.

CLICK HERE - for one of our demo videos on Epson Interactive Tools

Many teachers select 'one click to open' folder options for touch screens, this setting is found here:

1. Open any folder

2. Select 'Change folder and search options' from 'Options' under the 'View Menu'

3. Select; 'Single-click to open an item'

5min video on G-View touch-screens

Below; Shows 'Whiteboarding' mode selected.

Epson Vid-1 - 3-min - Tools 'in-projector'

Many teachers use the above Epson interactive tools (or the 'Draw' tools built in-to Word and Excel) INSTEAD of 'special' software that is included with more 'advanced' interactive systems.

We (AV Pro Education) support the G-View software in Australia, however, we find that for 95% of the 'everyday' lesson delivery, the Epson and Microsoft tools are BETTER for general use! (in our opinion this also applies to OTHER brands of 'special' software - we support teachers that have older programs by; SMART, Promethean and Hitachi (and others) installed, as they may want to use this 'older' software with a new interactive touch-screen &/or Epson interactive projectors. But, please consider the above sections of this page, as you review what software will best fit your needs in 2017/2018...

NOTE: One big feature of the G-View software is the 'screen cap' function, any teacher that wants to take a video of a lesson; should consider using this part of the FREE G-View software! (this is marked with the RED Arrow on the below image)

This can also flow on to the use of the G-View software to make a PDF instruction set, taking screen caps directly from video.

More on this can be found in our video - CLICK HERE - to watch...​

Epson Vid-3 - advanced 15min

Using Epson interactive Tools:

Many teachers like to use VLC for playing video with touch-screen systems (as it supports many touch-screen gesture controls - and this is FREE software!) - Get from;


The image on right (top) shows setting the page to 'Orientation', 'Landscape' [from the 'Layout' tab]


Then, from the 'Draw' tab, you can select the pen tool you want directly from Word.

You will notice the 'Red Arrow' sowing the pens, and the 'Green Arrow' is noting the 'Ink Replay' - if you want to take the students back over the times you made an annotation.

Using G-View [GK-Board] interactive Tools:

Link to Endless Reader: https://www.microsoft.com/store/productId/9WZDNCRDSCHM

Link to Air Hockey (for 2-players - on Touch Screens): https://www.microsoft.com/store/productId/9NBLGGGZ5B0S

Link to Draught/[Checkers] game (for 2-players - on Touch Screens):  https://www.microsoft.com/store/productId/9WZDNCRD20KJ

Epson Vid-2 - 2min - Epson Software

Excel has the same 'Draw' tools built in.

When you use the Microsoft 'Draw' (inking) tools, the notes you make can be saved in to the document, and removed or edited later - you are not 'altering' the document or cells, and this may make you feel more comfortable to use the inking tools as part of your lesson delivery, from documents you already have ready to go in you existing saved files.

Using VLC Player and adding Quck-launch to win10...

Many teachers like to have 'never combine' in Taskbar settings when using as a touch screen - settings via; Right-click on taskbar, select: 'Taskbar settings

see pic on right.

We (AV Pro Education) have found that many teachers now (in 2017/2018) enjoy the use of Win10 OS and Office 2016/365 with Word and Excel.

When we provide support to our education clients, we find that the below software and settings are optimal for many of the interactive AV systems installed in QLD Schools.

Below images are provided for illustrative purposes only, and new Windows and Office updates released by Microsoft over time; may alter how the screen shots below will appear.

please email us on support@avpeducation.com.au

if you find any info below to be out-of-date.

Thank you,

-AVP Management and Training team

Other solutions;

Android apps can run on a windows PC, and as many iPad apps are also on Android, this is a way you can use your interactive display with Android apps and have the 'touch' feed in to the app.

Here is a page to detail the steps to achieving the above;


Android 'toddler' interactive game demo;


above: 'Baby Puzzle Blocks - Puzzle Game for Babies and Toddlers - Educational kids games by NEA Mobile'


Google Play-Store Link;  Play (Android) : https://goo.gl/M0mxQ9

[FYI: We have not tested the above - we do have tech staff that can test and install solutions like this under our on-site consulting services - please call 07 3170 3706 to book our services]

Don't forget the 'Microsoft Store' in Win8/10 - Several of the 'best' tablet education apps are ready to go on the MS Store - and many are FREE!