Our family of operations:

1. www.theavking.com.au - 2. www.avpeducation.com.au - 3. www.avpdisplay.com.au

and: www.TeslaTaxi.com.au

The Vision

Technology and education in synergy

Contact Information

AV Pro Education / AV King

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Ph: 07 3170 3706

Millin: 0478 216 234

​Shawn: 0404 035 335

'admin' Office (if you ship goods to us):

27 ONeil Street, Moorooka, QLD-4105

E: sales@avpeducation.com.au


QLD - EQ (Education) Rep:

Millin Bear

E: millin.b@theavking.com.au


E: millin.b@avpeducation.com.au


E: shawn@theavking.com.au​

Our top Videos:                 1. How-to; Epson tools and MS Inking                   2. 65" G-View 4K demo & 'PC Free' tools              3. ScreenBeam WiFi sending&touch Demo


1. if the caller wants a quote, pls take the address in the 'message' box above

2. if the caller is asking for Millin or Shawn by name, only take name and ph# above and note in 'message' caller ID# was as above (or if not, note the caller ID# under in the message box)

3. say 'should I flag this as urgent so you will get a call back in under 25min?' - Y = Yes urgent -- tell the caller if you can not get Millin/Shawn by phone, when flagged as urgent they will get an sms from me and call you ASAP!!!

4~6...:                 4. How-to; MS Casting                               5. Chrome-Casting...                                 6. How-to; Use 'apps' on your Win10 Laptop and touch-screen

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